Life Conscious

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Habits, health, and happiness are simpler than you think

When you think about your goals and ambitions, what do you feel? Do you feel motivated and excited, confused and overwhelmed, or weighed down and trapped? Your past experiences shape how you approach progress. Living Life Conscious will help you see yourself as you really are. Not as past experiences or outside sources have led you to believe. Time, money, expectations, stress, past experiences try to keep us from progressing. They try to make us feel stuck. But we are not! You have 2 incredible superpowers at your disposal and when you harness them together, nothing can stop you from becoming exactly who you want to be and living the life you truly want to live.

Simplify the pathway to progress and you set yourself up for lifetime of success starting TODAY. Live Life Conscious.

No more overhwlem, no more falling back into old ways, no more disappointment, and pressure. Just proven, consistent progress that can transform your life with the smallest of changes. Live Life Conscious.

Hey, I'm Suzi B! Welcome to Life Conscious. I'm a Health Educator and personal fitness trainer turned habits coach after a tough battle with post-partum depression I didn't even know I had. Living Life Consicous brought me back to life one day at a time and put me back in control by freeing up time and space in my mind I desperately needed through habit formation. Whether you're here because you want to improve your physical health, mental health, relationships, finances, faith or whatever else it may be, the Life Consicous habit formation system is here for you.