My Story

This is Me

Hey!  I'm Suzi B.  Let's start with this: I love the human body.  You must know that to understand why I do what I do.  It is my favorite thing to study, one of the strongest foundations of my belief in God, and a driving force behind the way I live life.  In the past 15 years though, I've come to know the body on a whole other level and that has changed everything.


In college I futhered my study and passion of the human body obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Health Education and became a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. I worked in a gym for a few years and loved training but didn't love being the gym's product and supplement pushing, overcharging, quota filling robot, so I left.  In 2012, I started a personal training business from my home, called FitLife, and have been doing it ever since!  The ability to personalize training to exactly what my clients need and want has been so freeing and empowering.  When I was at the gym, I lead 60 day healthy challenges for the gym members that were crazy successful, so I decided to do them in my new business as well.  The first round consisted of 10 healthy daily goals we would all do in order to keep our fitness goals in check from Halloween until New year's Day.  It was fun and helpful but the weeks following the 60 day challenge blew my mind and the minds of my clients.  We had all stopped tracking those daily goals and reporting to the group, but the habits remained.  We all kept doing those 10 things without even thinking about it!  We were all achieving, succeeding, and reaching our healthy goals on auto pilot. Zero effort required.  I was floored and naturally had to find out why the results happened the way they did.  So, the 60 day holiday challenge became my research project. 

The Research

I organized and lead the 60 day challenge again with different groups 7 more times. During this time, I experimented with all the variables I could think of.  Some sessions were during the holidays, some other times of the year.  Some with large groups, some with small groups.  Some with the same 10 goals, some with varying goals.  Some were 30 days, some were 90.  I studied habit formation, goal setting techniques and personal growth.  Over those 7 years, I refined and honed two tools that I believe are the most effective and efficient methods to goal achievement out there: The 8 P's of Progress and The Blueprint.

The 8 P's of Progress

The 8 P's of Progress are the 8 steps for goal setting that I found in my research actually work.  The 8 P's bridge the gap between what you want and where you are.  They are the steps between the beginning and the end goal.  What sets the 8 P's apart is that they prevent the overwhelm and disappointment that so often accompany traditional goal setting methods. The 8 P's provide clarity, structure, and focus from start to finish.

The Blueprint

The Blueprint is the goal tracking tool that I fine-tuned a million times during my 7 years of research. It's the most efficient and effective way to stay motivated, stay on track and make your daily Conscious decisions into automatic, Subconscious habits. Habits that are ingrained in your mind are the key to success. The Blueprint is the tracking system which makes that possible.

Mind Blown

Then, I had my 4th baby.  I knew my body would undergo some serious business having kids, but I had no idea what it would do to and for my mind.  After baby number 4, something was different. Something was off. My relationship with my baby was great but I couldn't connect with myself. It felt like someone else was living in my body. After about 15 months of this, I finally saw a doctor who said it was a form of post-partum depression. I'm so grateful I was able to get help with the checmical imbalance in my brain, but I didn't want anti-depressants to be my long term answer.  The medication had cleared the fog I'd been living in, but it didn't fix my complete lack of motivation. I HAD to get back to my normal self, but how? One day it dawned on me. I could apply the 8 P's and the Blueprint to my mental health. Up until this point, I'd only ever used my powerful progress tools for physical health, but I felt inspired to train my mind like I had trained my body so many times before.  I applied the 8 P's and came up with some daily habits that would improve my mental health.  Then I tracked my daily Conscious progress using the Blueprint.  Just like the weeks after that first 60 day health challenge, the same automatic, magical, long term results occurred.  After Consciously working on my mental health, it just became part of who I was.  I could habitually and consistently improve my mental health without thinking about it!  My mind was blown like the cannon after a Utah State Football touchdown. I had just discovered something amazing. The potential to find happiness and progress in any area of life by simply creating habits.

Research Round 2

I was so excited by this discovery that I had to try it again to see if it worked in other areas.  I did the same thing with my family relationships, my faith, my finances.  It worked EVERY TIME!  I couldn't believe the results.  Over the next two years, I studied everything I could find on the human mind and how it works. I became obssessed with habit formation and why and how it works.

Life Conscious is Born

I was so happy, so productive, and so full of life.  It truly felt like I had been brought back to life. That year was an absolutely eye opening experience and I will never be the same. I had discovered a way to actually achieve progress in every area of my life without the overwhelm of doing it all at once.  By being Conscious about one idea for a time, we can fill our Subconscious minds with knowledge, power, skills, and habits which make our dreams a reality on a daily basis without any Conscious effort or thought.  I was on fire!  I started telling everyone I knew about my discovery.  Living like this had made such a difference for me, I couldn't keep it to myself.  I needed a name for the concept. I decided to call it Life Conscious. By using the power of your Conscious mind to fill your Subconscious with incredible habits, you can change every aspect of your life. Sharing the message of Life Conscious became my mission.

"Life Conscious" by Suzi B

In order to be able to share my story to anyone who wanted to hear it and organize everything  in my head, I wrote my book: "Life Conscious" by Suzi B.  In this book you'll find all the details of my story, my research, my tools, and everything you need to transform your life like I did mine. I also included memorable imagery and lots of embarrassing and hilarious stories from my life that will help you remember and apply the Life Conscious principles. There's worksheets inside so that as you read, you can also act. I didn't write the book for a good read (although I believe it is!), I wrote it to help you live Life Conscious. So read the book and work through the steps as you go! The results might just blow your mind like they did mine!

Now What?

Then Covid hit and I realized the power of online connection. I decided to turn my 60 day Habits program into an online course, accessible to everyone no matter where you live in this beautiful world! I spent over a year creating content, resources, trainings, and turning this online course into what I believe to be the most efficient and effective progress system out there. Form habits that change everything in just 60 days and have a great time doing it! Healthy AND happy. I believe in Life Conscious so much that I'm putting myself and my message out there every way I can think of! The Healthy and Happy 60 day healthy habits course, this website, my book "Life Conscious" by Suzi B, FitLife fitness training (virtual or in person), the Life Conscious Facebook community, the Life Conscious Instagram page, and more! I have seen the success of this program work in my own life and the lives of those close to me over and over and I want to help as many people as I can to know what we know and live how we live! You can be happy in the life you have while you build the life you want. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1 focus, your 2 superpowers (Conscious and Subconscious), and 3 or more habits. Live Life Conscious!