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Life Conscious by Suzi B

Purchase your own copy of Life Conscious by Suzi B. This book is full of tools, strategies, and information along with hilarious personal stories and memorable imagery that will help you understand your super powers and how to use them to find happiness and success right now while you build the life of your dreams.  

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Living this way changed my life and now I want to share this message with people like me who want to take control and create a life they truly love. A life of daily happiness. A life of mental, physical, and spiritual health. A life filled with strong relationships, financal success, and dream chasing. A life on purpose. A life Conscious. The concepts in this book saved me and I've seen them benefit hundreds of my dear family, friends, and clients. Once you experience something this impactiful, you can't keep it to yourself. Enjoy "Life Conscious." I consider it to be my life's work and a huge part of my story.