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"Life Conscious" by Suzi B Book Reviews

“Such a great and inspirational book. A way to reach your goals without being overwhelmed at the process and giving up. The author did a great job explaining the process in an easy to understand and motivational way. I would recommend it to anyone at any stage of life!” -Anonymous

"The book was great! It is helping me to make changes in my life that I have wanted to make for a long time. The author talks about setting goals and introduces an exciting, yet simple, system for breaking them down in a way that is manageable and motivating for me. Her stories are funny and interesting as well! This is a great read for anyone looking to add a little more joy and motivation to their life!" -Steph A.

“I really appreciated your book. It helped me a lot to do a few things I have needed to do for a long time.” -Laurie T.

Suzi! So thankful you are sharing your secrets about how to live a more awesome life!!! Thank you thank you!! -Elaine P.

Healthy and Happy Member Testimonials

"I have absolutely LOVED doing Suzi's program! It has made a tremendous impact on my life - especially on my health and reaching my goals. I'm so excited about what I've learned from her tutorials that have motivated me to change my habits. The guest speakers were inspiring and her workout videos were great! I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make big changes in their lives. Suzi is amazing!" - Lorna O.

This program really helped me change my mindset and create sustainable healthy habits. Suzi is so encouraging and passionate, and she made it fun! I’ve tried lots of different health challenges, and this is the first one that I want to continue after the program is completed- the habits are maintainable! I look forward to applying the goal-setting principles she taught to other areas of my life! - Kristine P.

“Love how I really could feel my mind in control. I felt the switch from “trying” to remember the things I needed to do, to when it just started to be habitual. I loved having the challenge and staying motivated, this is my new daily routine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!” -Brenda F.

“I loved participating in Suzi's Healthy and Happy course for the last 2 years. The design of the course is ingenious in that it encouraged me to either develop or maintain healthy habits. The modules are well thought out, the point system is fun and it gave me that extra boost to make good choices. I felt better and actually lost a little bit of weight, but more importantly, I developed better habits that have stuck, because of the awareness it brought about in my day-to-day choices. I'm doing it again!” -Cammy A.

“I have participated in two of Suzi's courses and think the structure of them is awesome. The Blueprint tracking system is great as it makes it easier to stay on track. A great aspect is that you are set up to still live your life and adapt to everyday life. It pushes me to do better each week and strive for perfection. Having some short term goals/achievements refreshes the challenge each week and I know keeps me engaged and I see others staying more engaged as well.” -Brandon A.

“Love this program! It truly is what it says it is…something to help keep you “healthy and happy!” Of course, that is, to the extent that your efforts take you. And I enjoy the fun times meeting up with dedicated, diligent, amazing individuals in the group. Those people and seeing how happy they are because they are keeping (or striving to keep—like me...) good health habits!!! It’s soon not hard to set new goals—they’re already the norm—thanks to SUZI!!!! Plus, IT’s FUN!!! So, WHY NOT??? Just do it. ” -Elaine P.

“This challenge saved me this holiday season. I would have gained 20 pounds instead of losing 10. This course helped me be more aware of what I was putting in my body. I am planning to print out more Blueprints and continue to keep track of my habits. Having accountability was what drove me. This health challenge helps me take care of myself when life is BUSY!!! 8 kids, traveling husband, house remodel, OCD, doesn’t help my personal health. Marking a Blueprint everyday and reporting my points is what was my drive. THANK YOU, SUZI!!! Your inspiration saved me.” -Kendal W.

“The course helped me really dial in and focus on those specific things even more! I love the whole course, and I love that it is soo doable and real life. I even have my kids doing it. They love it, I love it, and we all feel awesome!” -Lindsey A.

“This has been such a crazy, stressful time of life. It really helped me a lot to have goals to focus on and accountability! Thank you so much for doing this challenge Suzi, it really made a difference in my life!” -Erica J.

“This course has changed my habits tremendously! I eat way more fruits and veggies than I used to and I have been working out daily which I wasn’t able to motivate myself to do before! I’m so grateful for this course!” -Brescia A.

“I loved the Blueprint points. I think it helped motivate me to not give up when I made mistakes and helped me stay strong. I loved it. It really made a difference for me. I loved the course!” -Marcie M.

“I loved the course. If you have another one I would love to participate.” -Kelsie S

“I love that I don't even think about eating fruit and vegetables any more. I just do. When I was sick, it's all I WANTED to eat. Pretty mind-changing.” -Andrea M.

FitLife Personal Training Clients

"At age fifty, I met Suzi nine years ago. I was looking for a personal trainer to help me re-engage in the strenuous outdoor activities I have always loved (skiing, backpacking, etc.), after having been side-tracked by surgery and two years of physical therapy for complicated shoulder, neck, low-back and hip injuries that had shut me down. Suzi, with her expertise and wonderful, fun personality, brought me to full-strength from fitness level zero. For the past seven years, I have been able to fully engage in all the outdoor activities I love with more strength and less pain than when I was in my early thirties." -Jeff A.

"I trained with Suzi 3 days a week for 30 minutes which wasn't a huge commitment. It was what my schedule would allow. I got so much more than I had ever expected. Variety, full body, positivity, expectations... Suzi's got it all! There were days I had sore muscles I didn't even know existed. Her voice will always be inside my head encouraging me to do my best." -Kendal W.